Before You Start Your Project

Please make sure your artwork is good enough to deliver the message. Are we working with the highest quality images? Clean vector lines? Has your text been properly converted? Take a look at our client resources that provide a few tips and tutorials to make sure we don’t hit any snags along the way. And most importantly, there will not be any scary surprises.
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Kickstart Your Project

Aftercare for Your D-Sign

Remove any residue or “gunk” as soon as possible to avoid damage or staining. Avoid abrasive cleaners. In the event of a gas spill – wash off residue with soapy water asap. Oil, tar or asphalt build-up – wipe down with isopropyl alcohol and a citrus-based cleaner. Park in the shade, in a garage or under cover as much as possible to avoid UV damage. We want you to look good for as long as possible!

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