Commercial vehicle graphics

Mobile business vehicles and commercial fleet dominate our roads and highways. Digital D-Signs helps you transform your vehicles in to the most cost-effective and influential advertising media available. From small cars to large semi-trucks, we've got your brand covered. We use 3M certified ink and high quality vinyl to print full color graphics designed with your brand in mind. We adhere this high quality vinyl material to your vehicle by highly trained 3M installers.  Also, we have 3M Certified Installers located around the country so you don't have to worry about bringing your vehicle to us.  We can print and ship directly to you which is not only convenient, but also ensures you have the correct color and quality throughout your entire fleet.

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Free design is worth
less than you pay for it.

What is a brand?

"A brand is the perception or image of your company." -Dan Antonelli

Your logo is the most crucial part of your brand, it drives the creative image for all other components. Your brand communicates your company's value. Our job is to take your brand and design a fleet of vehicles that reflect the value of your company. Our design staff is great at creating effective, dynamic and eye catching vehicle layouts.





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Quality printing and color management are crucial to brand consistency.

Why does a 3M MCS Warranty matter?

"Becoming 3M certified is no easy task." -Rene Sanchez DDS President

A 3M MCS Warranty is the most comprehensive finished graphic warranty in the industry. It protects against adhesion failure, image crackling, peeling, fading and blistering of your graphics. We use 3M certified inks, vinyl material and printers. We protect your logo, your brand, your colors. We track by vin number in order to protect and manage your fleet for warranty purposes.

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You get what you pay for.

Why is being 3M Certified important?

"The two most important, and most often missed, steps of any installation are cleaning and post heating the vehicle."
-Ryan Gilles DDS 3M preferred installer

3M depends on science, technology, and innovation to develop a comprehensive understanding of all the 3M graphic products and components that go into a finished graphic. This ensures that the finished graphic performs for the intended life of the graphic. A graphic will hold up to these standards if 3M certified installer installs the vehicle wrap.