"DESIGN"... print and install

We design Commercial Fleet Graphics. 

Logos and brand development are better left to a more qualified group of individuals.

A brand projects the image of your company.

Your logo is the most crucial part of your brand. It drives the creative image for all other components. Your brand communicates your company's value. Our job is to take your brand and design a vehicle graphic that reflects the value of your company.


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Vehicle graphic layouts should communicate:

Who you are, What you offer, and Where you can be found.

Effective fleet branding will tell the story of your business culture.

A clear tagline will describe your service or products. The presence of a sole phone number or website lets your customers know to call or visit you online. In the days of hand lettered company vehicles and limited technology, your phone number might be the largest element of your design. In today's constant stream of information most clients type your name into a search engine and are spoon fed your address, phone number and website. Rarely do we have the time to memorize or even write it down.

If you are lucky your intended target will take a smart phone picture of your company vehicle. With hundreds of commercial fleet graphics on our highways, why not make it easy to be remembered. Focus only on 3 to 4 elements and let the alphabet soup of over complicated, text heavy graphics, disappear in traffic.


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At Digital D-Signs, we develop Effective Fleet Branding.

If you have not already invested in developing your logo or brand elements, then you should.

Sign shops and wrap companies are traditionally not the most qualified group to do this.

Contact a marketing specialist, or a creative group.  You may need a professional designer who can shape the perception or image of your company.  It is not always the easiest conversation to have, but admitting you need professional help will set you on the right path to protecting your investment.

Once your brand has been developed it is our job to create an effective commercial vehicle layout.