Where is the Value?

We were not the "cheapest" quote...

But we brought the highest value to the customer. When factors such as customer service, high quality materials, and proper time management are viewed as line items everyone loses. Every client / project has a required amount of service and cost associated with satisfaction. If you fail to recognize that need, the value of your capabilities is lost.

We recently completed a project that involved 200 plus units on a short timeline. Removal and install, ranging in age and size. Instead of letting our excitement lead us to an eager, minimal quote we had to ask ourselves if we were even capable of completing the task. In doing so we realized many factors of the project our customer had overlooked. And, we introduced our first tier of "value".

With a line of trust built and clear communication, the realities of the project were identified. Tighter deadlines meant a larger crew and increased margin for error. If we do not have time to do it right the first time, how are we going to find the time to correct any mistakes?

As in any project, mistakes happened. They were corrected, and the customer was made aware of the steps taken to eliminate future mistakes. The trust and communication we established early on allowed us to continue working without feeling like our profits had been minimized. And, the customer recognized the value in our services.

I think the underlying point is that some companies carry a greater value due to the business model they practice. It's not that you pay extra for customer service or competence, it's that all factors have been considered and represented fairly in the quote. This includes material, time and service..naturally. The buyer should dedicate just as much time in research. Lowest price can often mean overlooked details.

Your value is always in the details.