5 Tips for the Most Effective Vehicle Wrap Design

1.  Start with a 

  Qualified Brand

 Often small businesses believe their name in a fancy text serves as a qualified logo.

As most small businesses begin their entrepreneurial journey they fail to invest in brand development.  Your brand components and logo should be the primary focus of your wrap.

If your brand is not strong enough to stand alone it cannot carry the design of your vehicle wrap.  Most fast and furious wrap companies will not tell you if your brand does not qualify. The resulting product will gain little to no return on your investment. If your band is in need of repair or reinvention do not be afraid to qualify your brand for maximum effectiveness. Take the time to develop the tools needed for an effective wrap design.

2.  When Possible 

  Avoid Photographs

Photos seem to flood the wrap industry..."because we can".

Often new customers to the wrap market are amazed that a photo can be applied to a vehicle in such large scale. If your logo or brand components are strong enough to stand alone, there is no need for a photo.  In rare instances where a beautiful product shot is needed to pitch the latest gadget or whizdoodle, photographs can be helpful.  In the small business market your brand is more important than any product you sell.  On average, viewers only have 3 seconds to develop an impression of your wrap. They need to know your name. They need to understand your brand.  Leave the before and after photos for your brochure or website.

3.  Prioritize your message

  Who, What, Where

 Who are you?  What do offer?  Where can I find you when I am ready?

Effective brand elements and a memorable logo will tell the story of your business culture.

A clear tagline will describe your service or products.  The presence of a sole phone number or website lets your customers know to look for your phone number or website online.  In the days of hand lettered trucks and limited technology, your phone number might be the largest element of design.  In today's stream of instant Wi-Fi information most clients type in your name on a search engine to be spoon fed your address, phone number and website.  Rarely do we have the time to memorize or even write it down.

If you are lucky your intended target will take a smart phone picture of your wrap.  With hundreds of service vehicles on the highways, why not make it easy to be remembered.  Focus only on 3 to 4 elements and let the alphabet soup of over designed, text heavy wraps, disappear in the blurred background of traffic. 

4.  Compete Visually by 

  Designing to Separate Yourself

 Avoid Flames, Carbon Fiber, Chrome, Diamond Plate, and Camouflage.

If you are not designing the interior of a beat pulsing techno club then you should not be playing with the aforementioned group of misfits.  A creative color pallet.  A clear contrast map.  Strong font styles.  The proper use of negative space.  Simplicity will outshine the visual noise.  The wrap market is littered with visual clutter.  Let's be honest.  You cannot outdo the overdone.  Design something with impact that will be remembered.

5.  Simplicity brings the largest return on your investment

  Read Time, Legibility, Effectiveness

 With limited read time, legibility and effectiveness are the key factors of your investment. 

If your customers cannot read your message in 3 seconds your wrap is officially ineffective. 

Be sure your brand is understood and remembered. Your call to action must be clear.  If potential customers know who you are, what you offer and how you would like to be contacted your wrap design is effective. In 3 seconds you have made a visual impression that generates a lead with someone you have never even spoken to.  That is the beauty of an effective wrap design.  

*All vehicles shown were designed, printed, and installed by Digital D-Signs.